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Micheal Dahdal stores was established in 1964 in Amman, Jordan. This foundation is completely owned by “Mr. Micheal Dahdal” and it owned the trade mark since its establishment, where our customer’s trust is very important to us, we always work to select our goods and supplies from the most superior European and international companies. In adition to local goods from Micheal Dahdal & sons factory (Grand Industry). It’s the only factory for Romo’s products which you knew from years ago. Our aim is to work on the development, renewel and stay up to date with the latest demands in order to satisfy our customer’s needs and to conserve the quality of all our products. We hope from god that our products will always meet your expectations and will always admire you. Since 1964, 50 years of experience in manufacturing high quality Romo products that are produced in the big company( Michel Dahdal & sons) and was developed with the European tests certificate with the highest international specifications. We welcome all our customers in Michel Dahdal stores to buy cash or by installments without any interest rate on the actual price - Retired military personnel and civilazians through Association of retired Servicemen & Veterans in all its branches in the kingdom - All employees of all Government ministries and departments
- All employees of big companies that are authorized by us - All bank employees - All military personnel through the company branch (Military institution/ Al Salam stores, third floor, telephone number. 5811901)
- Customers and employees that their salaries are converted to the below banks:
Housing bank Amman Cairo bank
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